Grinder Kit


Smooth to the touch, incredibly sharp, and reduced to only the bare essentials. The grinder kit pairs sophistication with elegance by including a special touch... the kief spoon. Made from solid polished brass, it's the one tool you won't believe you lived without.

Don't let the quality of your grind get in the way of your next session. 

  • 4 Chamber Grinder
  • Soft touch silicone coating
  • Brass Kief Spoon
  • Joint Holder
  • Plastic Scraper
  • Plastic Broom

4 Chamber Grinder

Matte black with a soft touch silicone coating.

Luxury black cannabis grinder with minimal branding broken down into 4 different parts.

Kief / Serving Spoon

Perfect for kief, ground bud, or scooping the last bit out of a container. Designed to hold a joint and loop on a keychain for on the go.

Brass cannabis spoon and joint holder sitting on a light surface
4 part grinder and brass kief spoon on dark background with luxury feel

Soft touch rubberized silicone black coating
Black on black varnished logo
Plastic broom and scraper
Magnetic closure lid

Mirror polished brass  (Please note: Brass will naturally tarnish over time developing its own unique patina

2 7/16in x 2 7/16in x 1 7/8in
(63mm x 63mm x 48mm)

2.5in x .5in X .1in
(63mm x 12mm x 3mm)

Exposure to alcohol can remove the black coating on the grinder. For a good deep cleaning we recommend keeping alcohol to a minimum and cleaning with water and a cotton cloth.

Brass will naturally tarnish over time developing its own unique patina; however, the spoon can be hand polished back to it's mirror shine.

One (1) Matte black grinder
One (1) brass kief spoon
One (1) plastic broom
One (1) plastic scraper