Rolling Wand


Beautifully master the art of the cone and take the stress out of rolling a perfect joint. Made to look and work great for a lifetime, the 2-part wand and sleeve helps you every step of the way.

The one tool that deserves a place on every cannabis cart.  High standards for high results

  • Solid brass rolling wand
  • Solid brass rolling sleeve
  • Laser engraved logos

Rolling Wand

The rolling wand is designed to mimic the perfect size cone joint. Wrap your desired paper of choice around the cone, lick, and seal.

Brass cannabis joint rolling wand sitting on neutral colored background with cast shadow

Rolling Sleeve

Use the sleeve to hold your perfectly rolled cone while you fill and pack your joint.

Brass cannabis rolling sleeve for hand rolled joints sitting on neutral background
top down view of veosa accessories and various makeup supplies on a marble surface

Mirror Polished brass
Brass is a soft metal and is expected to evolve and present marks as well as a patina throughout it's lifecycle.

Rolling Wand & Sleeve
3 15/16in x 5/8in

Wipe with clean cotton cloth. For a deep clean use 90% isopropyl alcohol on a cotton cloth to gently wipe off residue.

One (1) rolling wand
One (1) rolling sleeve