The Veosa Diamond One Hitter

One of our favorite ways to consume, and this one packs a punch.

gold plated diamond set solid brass one hitter

All one hitters have been plated in 14k gold and are on their way back to Veosa HQ. Final packaging and photography will come next along with a final launch date!

We sent a small portion of our first order to have diamonds set opposite the logo. They have been completed and all pipes are being sent for gold plating.

We sent two samples to be plated in 14k gold and they came back absolutely amazing. Next up, we will send out for a full order as well as send a limited amount to have diamonds set before plating.

The brass pipes have been shipped to us and next steps will be diamond setting and gold plating.

We have decided to launch two versions.
Gold Edition:The first which will be produced on a larger scale is the 14k gold plated solid brass version.
Diamond Edition:Working with a local jeweler, we've decided to release a smaller run of diamond set 14k gold plated solid brass editions.

After testing our samples for three months we've move into production with a small run. Some of these well be put to the side for the limited Atelier version.

We've received 2 samples to use and explore and we are in love.

Early results are in... it's fantastic. The bowl is deep enough for a great hit and it has a fast pull. Not only does it work well, it looks incredible.

After multiple rounds of exploration we landed on one design we loved. It's an 8 sided pipe with gorgeous facets on each end.

The bowl measures 13.5mm x 7mm giving you plenty of room for those bigger sessions.

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