Ceramic Rolling Tray

At the center of every great roll is the rolling tray. A statement piece for those with discerning taste and high standards. Finished in a matte charcoal finish, it can elevate any room breaking down stigma along the way. The tray your friends will definitely be asking about. 
  • Ceramic Tray
  • Food safe charcoal glaze
  • Felt feet
  • Real gold logo finished in kiln
  • Limited Edition of 100
  • Handmade in Portland, OR

Sophisticated Design / Handmade Details

Leave it out when not in use and let the complements roll in.

Top down image of ceramic tray with grinder and other accessories around it

Beauty in the details

Handmade products are unique. Colors, finishes, and textures can vary when the human touch enters the process. At Veosa, we love the perfect machined part as well as the handmade. The Rolling Tray is a perfect example.

Textures change while being fired in the kiln, colors change drastically, and what was once matte becomes shiny. We embrace the change, and appreciate that beauty can be found anywhere.

Wooden coffee table with veosa accessories and magazines on it

Stoneware finished in a charcoal foodsafe glaze.

Soft felt feet

Kiln finished, 24k Gold decal

9 5/8in X 7 1/8in X .75in

All handmade items may vary slightly in size/color/finish

Wipe gently with a clean damp cloth.

Ceramic may break if dropped.

One (1) ceramic rolling tray