Bowl Picks


Every part of the process deserves to be special, even down to the smallest details. Poke, clean, and pack with a tool intended to elevate the process and catch the eye of anyone nearby. 

Ditch the paperclip for a tool that's designed for daily use and easy to clean for a more sustainable high.

  • Machined stainless steel
  • Machined stainless steel with 24k gold plating



Elevate the ordinary with polished gold or stainless steel.

Three gold toothpicks laying side by side on a stone surface
gold toothpick sitting on charcoal ceramic tray with gold veosa logo

Stainless Steel

24K Gold Plated Stainless Steel

65mm x 3mm x 3mm

All toothpicks can be cleaned easily with water and a damp cloth. For a more aggressive clean, use 90% isopropyl alcohol.

Please note:
Gold toothpicks are expected to evolve and present marks throughout it's lifecycle.

Three (3) toothpicks